Our Patient Collection Services

We come to you
  • Would you prefer the convenience of a blood collection at home?
  • Would you like to avoid the queues at collection centres?
  • Would you like easy access to your blood test results?

At Saturn Pathology we appreciate that the process of taking blood is never a pleasant experience.

That is why our collectors use veinfinder technology to find the best vein and use the smallest butterfly needles to reduce any trauma.

Making an Appointment

You can Book a Blood Collection with by:

  • Use the Online Appointment facility - See link below
  • Email us your Clinician's Request Form - Bookings@saturnpathology.com.au
  • Call us on (08) 9253-4800

Before your Test

Depending on your required tests, you may need to Fast or have your test at a specific time of day

During your Test

Our Phlebotomist will verify your Patient details

Based on your required tests a variety and number of samples will be collected.

We use Vein Finder technology to place a needle on the first attempt (98% of the time)

A number of specimen tubes may be collected depending on your Doctor's requested tests. Typically the required colection time will only take a minute.

After your Test Collection

Following your collection:

  • We prepare samples for return to the Laboratory
  • When the specimens arrive at the lab we scan them and verify the tests to be performed.
  • The required tests will be performed alogn with any calculations.
  • Our Lab Scientists and Pathologists will review the Test Results
  • Released results are automatically dispatched to the Requesting Doctor and any Copy To Receipients
  • As a Patient, you can access your Test Results, and even Download a Copy for you reference

Accessing your Results

At Saturn Pathology we believe that your blood results belong to you. Therefore, when you register with us you easy access to your results as they become available. Our secure patient portal allows you to view and download your results whenever suits you.

  • You can view your results online or download them.
  • We track your result history so that you can see how results have changed over time
  • You can have full control on who has access to your results.

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